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Our Capabilities

Dynamic Creations Manufacturing Capabilities




E-Liquid Private Labeling and Manufacturing

Our team of designers and creative directors turn your vision into a reality with the largest selection of flavors, bottle designs, bottle sizes and forms of customization. Create your line of e-juice and give your company a name within the expanding industry. Dynamic Creations can produce, brand and ship all orders directly from our warehouse located in New York.

Leading You through Innovation

Dynamic Creations can service nearly any business regardless of order size. We strive for advancements within curation process while sourcing new and exciting natural flavor additives. Our company follows good manufacturing practices (GMP) and operates out of our private ISO 7 Clean Room Facility where protocols are similar to the culinary industry. Our expansive Laboratory utilizes stainless steel structure, industrial airflow systems and strict sanitation protocol to ensure a consistent and contaminant-free product.

Confidential Branding

Our company exists to service your company. We provide our customers with creative freedom while maintaining the most affordable prices within the industry. We value each client relationship, and we understand that your ideas belong to you. Our team of professionals ensures that your brand’s trade secrets remain secure and confidential.

Quality Control

  • Raw Ingredient Verification

  • Inspection for Certificate of Analysis (COA)

  • Product Secured with Child-Proof Cap and Shrink Wrap

  • Strict GMP Adherence

  • Batches Coded and Dated

  • Shipping Inspection and Verification

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