What Are the Advantages of High Quality E-Liquid?

As the vaping industry continues to grow, there’s an extra emphasis on quality and safe products. These range from new mods to innovative e-liquids. Although the vaping industry has really taken off to the point where people create their own e-liquids at home, it’s not recommended to put those mixtures out for the general public to purchase. If you’re running your very own vape shop, it’s important to keep this in mind. Excellent e-liquid, developed by an experienced manufacturer, is something that your business can only benefit from.

Better Nicotine

A company that invests more in producing a line loved by customers will often have higher quality nicotine. There are several different ways to test out just how good an e-liquid’s nicotine is. However, the easiest way is to see if it leaves a peppery aftertaste. This is a distinct feature of poor quality nicotine in e-liquids. Purchasing an e-liquid from a renowned manufacturer, though, will use nicotine that doesn’t carry a strange flavor.

Safe Ingredients

Although vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, there are some e-liquids out there that have questionable ingredients. Choosing an e-liquid made by a reputable manufacturer eliminates the possibility of inhaling these chemicals. When purchasing any product that will be going into your body, it’s important to protect both your health and the health of your customers by researching the ingredients. E-liquids are no exception.

A Smoother and Tastier Experience

A superior e-liquid will be much more enjoyable to vape than something on the lower end of the market. When your store has e-liquids with finely crafted flavors, giving your customers the feel and vapor clouds they love, you’ll see how much more popular they are than ones that are more abrasive or poorly mixed. Customers are looking to fully enjoy the experience of vaping their favorite flavors instead of purchasing e-liquids that may just be subpar.

No Contamination from Other Ingredients

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to take a sniff of certain e-liquids and discover traces of scents that aren’t part of the recipe. This is a telltale warning sign about the product. Although this mix-up could be caused by any number of factors, it’s obvious that the particular e-liquid has not been produced with sufficient quality control. An e-liquid made by a leading manufacturer won’t experience these types of issues. Instead, the formula will be exactly the same and true to the recipe in every single bottle.

Of course, taking one’s health into consideration should be the most important factor when purchasing any e-liquid. Customers today are on the search for e-liquids that meet their high standards for performance, ingredients, and more. They’re more invested in vaping some of the premium flavors, produced by manufacturers such as Dynamic Creations, than collecting them or trying some out just to keep up with the latest trends. Investing in a line that exceeds expectations will give you an advantage in this popular market.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Manufacturer Produce Your Next E-Liquid

Having your very own e-liquid line can give your vape shop an advantage that other retailers don’t have. The vaping industry is a competitive one and it’s crucial to stay relevant. Whether your shop is online or in a physical location, a personalized e-liquid line will give you an edge. However, trying to produce it yourself won’t deliver all the benefits you’re looking for. Selecting a manufacturer for your line is the best decision you can make for several different reasons.

1. Advanced Capabilities

A manufacturer is capable doing much more than if you made your e-liquid on your own. The company you choose will know all about the best blends of flavors and will be able to craft the concoction you’re seeking, resulting in an extraordinary product for your customers. In addition, a reputable e-liquid manufacturer can handle a staggering amount of orders, so you’ll never have to worry about your product being out of stock in your store. Leaving the production to a company also gives you more time to focus on your business, sales, and advertising.

2. Growing Industry

The vaping industry is always growing and new flavors are in demand across the country. Customers welcome innovative products and yours could be the next big thing. A manufacturer will be knowledgeable of recent flavor trends and what the hottest products are on the market right now, giving you guidance for your own line. This expertise will help set your flavor venture out onto a successful path.

3. House Brand Sets You Apart

If you’re facing local competition, you can give your shop the upper hand with your own personal brand formed by a quality manufacturer. Customers will not only love the taste, but it’ll also show them how passionate you are about e-liquids and vaping. Your line will be an extra personal touch that illustrates how deeply you care about your business. In addition, having a manufacturer in charge of your line will provide your customers with a high quality, local brand.

4. Cater to Customer Base

You see your customers every single day. Over time, you’ve had the chance to discover what types of flavors they like and what they hope to see. You can make their requests a reality with your very own e-liquid line. A quality manufacturer will be able to develop even the most complex flavors for you. In addition, selling a personal line in your store also gives you the opportunity to ask your customers for feedback, so you can improve your product or create a new one.

5. Consistency and Superior Quality

Depending on a manufacturer to work on your e-liquid will ensure that each and every bottle tastes exactly the same. This also eliminates the possibility of any kind of mistakes in new batches of your e-liquid. It’s not easy to create an exceptional line, so trust in professionals with years of experience to follow the same recipe for every single bottle. They’ll also use advanced methods to develop a recipe that includes just the right amount of each ingredient.

6. Branding is Taken Care of

Often times, a manufacturer will even be able to design and produce a label for you. The company should know what types of designs are popular in the industry, as well as what customers tend to gravitate towards. With professionals deciding on how your product will be branded, your line is sure to make a lasting impression on any customers that come across it. That’s because an attractive label is one of the first things that will draw customers in and make them want to learn more about your e-liquid line.

7. Cleaner Production Environment

Choosing a manufacturer ensures that the product will be fabricated to the highest standards and in a clean, safe environment. The laboratories used to craft e-liquids often follow standards similar to that of the culinary industry. In contrast, it can be difficult to set up the same kind of conditions in your own building. You might also not be able to find a spacious, sanitized room to designate as a work area.

When trying to make an impact on the local or even national vaping market, branding your own e-liquid for your shop is the way to go. Leaving the mixing, graphic design, and more to a manufacturer takes care of all the hardest work. You’ll be able to give your business your full attention while promoting a new line that represents a flavor that both your company and your customers love.

Highlights of the New Regulations from the FDA

For quite some time, there has been talks of imposing regulations on the vaping industry. On May 5th, 2016, it was finally enacted. The federal government ruled for vaping to be regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Everything is detailed in a five hundred page report that can be found here. However, we have compiled a brief summary of the most significant points of this new ruling.

Safer Products with Clearly Labeled Ingredients

With these regulations, vaping should become safer in the United States, with the FDA ensuring that items out on the market are suitable for consumption. Before, it wasn’t uncommon for some e-liquids to be made in homes or basements and then sold in shops without a clear list of ingredients. These practices could potentially put the health of customers at risk. While reputable manufacturers tend to use cleanrooms and G.R.A.S. ingredients, not every e-liquid out there has been created with these resources. The new rule will reduce the dangers associated with unregulated e-liquids and only allow safe lines to be sold on the market.

Other New Regulations

Any vape products made after February 15th, 2007 need to be submitted via a pre-market tobacco application, also known as a PMTA. This includes both e-cigarettes and e-liquids. It’s through this process that the products will be approved to be put out onto the market. In order to be considered, they must meet all of the requirements outlined by the application. All ingredients need to be clearly reported and marked on the bottle as well, letting customers know exactly what they’re buying. Health warnings will also be required for any vaping products.

These regulations will come into effect in early August 2016, giving manufacturers about three months to prepare. After this date, they’ll have two years to submit PMTAs for every product they intend to sell. However, the products must be taken off of the market if they are not approved by the FDA in the end. No new products can be put out into the market during this time either unless they have passed the application. Everything must have an approved PMTA, whether it’s a newly developed product or has been in production for years.

Ban of Sales to Minors

Most importantly, these regulations protect e-cigarettes and related products from ending up in the hands of children and teenagers under eighteen. They prohibit the sale of these items to anyone who isn’t of age. Before, only a few states had restricted them to individuals who were eighteen years of age or older. In other states, it was possible for kids to purchase these products themselves. While vaping is regarded as safer than smoking, these products should not be used by kids, especially when a lot of e-liquids contain nicotine.

Now more than ever before, the vaping industry is joining together to stay strong and deliver quality products to customers across the country. Having products regulated by the FDA will result in a safer vaping industry for everyone. No longer will people be faced with the threat of low quality products that have the possibility of affecting their health.

Why Choose a Manufacturer with a Certified Cleanroom?

Across the world, there are all kinds of manufacturers out there for e-liquids. However, not all of them make their products in certified cleanrooms. These environments guarantee that their e-liquids live up to the very best standards, while accurately recreating recipes and avoiding contamination on a regular basis.

With every bottle produced, you need to consider the health of your customers. You want to ensure the bottles you sell are from manufacturers that put safety as one of their top priorities. Selecting a manufacturer that has a certified cleanroom guarantees that your products will be created with the most advanced methods in a protected environment.

No Risk of Contamination

Cleanrooms are designed to minimize the number of contaminants and pollutants during the manufacturing process. These range from dust to aerosol particles. For e-liquid manufacturers in particular, avoiding contact with these harmful impurities results in products that are safe for customers to vape.

In other industries, if products are faced with contamination, deaths can be an unfortunate result. For example, in the pharmaceutical industry, a number of deaths have been linked to the contamination of injections, compounded products, and more. Although this may not be the case with the e-liquid industry, why should you take the risk of potentially harming your customers with products that may be hazardous? No contaminants will be present in the air in a cleanroom, and by that extent, they won’t be in the e-liquid you sell either.

Good Manufacturing Practices

A business utilizing a cleanroom usually has good manufacturing practices as well. The two features often go hand in hand. GMP procedures are just as important as a sanitized environment to manufacture everything in. They exist to exist to ensure that any products created under these guidelines are suitable for consumption and are consistently of exceptional quality. Just like anything going else into the human body, e-liquids should meet these high standards to protect the health of your customers.

Superior Products

Besides safe products, a manufacturer with a cleanroom also shows a dedication to quality in the vaping industry. This kind of company is creating products of the highest caliber to send to customers. With individuals selling homemade e-liquids throughout the industry, customers have already been on the search for e-liquids from businesses they can trust. Choosing a manufacturer that’s committed to providing the finest products means that you can rely on every batch to taste exactly the same as the last, all while remaining entirely sanitized and appropriate for ingestion.

A good manufacturer will take all of these necessary factors into account while still providing the most optimal flavors. For example, Dynamic Creations has an ISO 7 certified cleanroom where all of our products are created. We also personally adhere to strict procedures that are similar to that of the culinary industry. Trusting in an e-liquid manufacturer with a certified cleanroom, as opposed to one that may use a space such as a kitchen or a basement, will bring you the greatest products for your e-liquid line.

How Switching to Vaping Helps the Environment

When looking to quit smoking cigarettes, many users have decided to convert to vaping instead. Vaping provides the comfort of nicotine with any of the other dangerous ingredients found in cigarettes. It’s a healthy alternative that has been changing the lives of former smokers all over the country. In addition, many people have also preferred it over smoking because of the wide selection of flavors to choose from.

However, did you also know that the switch from cigarettes to vaping has also can also benefit the state of the environment? As it does every year, Earth Day brings a renewed awareness to protect the planet. Cigarettes don’t just contribute to pollution when they’re being smoked. Everything from the land the tobacco plant is being grown on to the public areas that are littered with cigarette butts are affected. With vaping, all of that is eliminated. Replacing cigarette smoking with vaping will contribute to both your health and the environment’s.

No Destructive Growing or Manufacturing Processes

Tobacco plants require a lot of care to thrive. In exchange, the surrounding land is infected with pesticides, which can eventually pollute the groundwater. Once the plant has grown, it’s sent off to a manufacturing plant where more toxic chemicals are let out into the atmosphere.

E-liquids have a more ecofriendly creation process. They’re produced by flavor engineers in clean, controlled laboratories using G.R.A.S. flavor additives. Leading manufacturers should also have a certified cleanroom and live up to some of the strictest standards in the industry. This is quite a difference from the hazardous way cigarettes are produced.

Cigarette Smoke vs. Vapor

It’s undeniable that cigarette smoke has a negative effect on the air around us. It contains toxins that not only have an impact on plant life and air quality, but also people. In fact, cigarette smoke is often cited as one of the most harmful types of air pollution. It actually causes ten times more air pollution than diesel car exhaust.

Meanwhile, vaping releases just that – vapor. Someone who vapes isn’t putting others or the environment at the risk of inhaling secondhand smoke. All they’re releasing into the air around them is water that has been converted into vapor. This vapor also doesn’t hold any of the unsafe chemicals and carcinogens that are found in cigarette smoke.

Less Littering

A number of smokers will throw their cigarette butts wherever is convenient for them, whether it’s in the grass in a park or on a city sidewalk. The worst thing about this habit is that cigarette butts aren’t biodegradable. Although they may break down after almost two years, they contain bits of plastic that are still present in the environment long after.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes produce far less waste. People who vape are able to get much more out of their products, in comparison to a pack of cigarettes, before they need to be disposed of. Some e-cigarette components, such as batteries and cartridges, are even recyclable. Because they’re reusable, these materials actively contribute to a better environment.

Together, all three of these reasons continue to make vaping a great alternative to smoking. Not only does vaping help people quit tobacco, but it’s less damaging to the world around us too. The switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes can clearly help reduce pollution, littering, and more.