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Vaper’s Tongue: What is it and How to Fix it

If you are an avid vaper, then you’ve probably experienced a time when your e-liquid had lost its flavor intensity. Perhaps you’ve even hit a point where you can no longer taste the juice at all. Whatever you do, don’t panic! You are experiencing a very common side effect known as “vaper’s tongue” or “vaper’s fatigue”. […]

6 Common Misconceptions about Vaping

Sometimes it seems like there’s a lot of misinformation about vaping among those who don’t vape. While it’s not uncommon for these people to be concerned about the potential health risks of vaping, myths can be spread in the process. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can have an effect on the vaping industry and change how this […]

The Importance of E-Liquid Flavors

Former smokers are looking to get away from any and everything associated with cigarettes. Once they’ve fully switched to vaping, they most likely don’t want anything to do with traditional cigarettes, and that includes the taste. Vaping has become a lifestyle instead of just a way to quit smoking, and part of that is due […]

What to Consider When Designing an E-Liquid Bottle

The design of your e-liquid’s packaging is just as important as the recipe itself. Not only does it need to have an attractive appearance, but it must also have a high quality container with essential features such as a childproof cap. Customers are naturally drawn to eye-catching e-liquid bottles. However, they’re looking for functionality too. […]

6 Top E-Liquids for Summer

Summer’s just begun, but do you have e-liquids to complement the hot weather? Your favorite flavors from fall, winter, and even spring just won’t do on a beautiful summer’s day. We’ll take you through our top selections for your summer vacation, whether you’re lounging on a beach or taking refuge from the heat in cool […]

How to Avoid Problems with Your Batteries

One major concern with vaping recently has been disastrous battery explosions when using certain products, namely mechanical mods. These tend to incorporate lithium-ion batteries, which require a host of guidelines for proper battery safety. We’ve compiled a few rules to keep in mind before you plan to use a mechanical mod or another vaping product […]

What Are the Advantages of High Quality E-Liquid?

As the vaping industry continues to grow, there’s an extra emphasis on quality and safe products. These range from new mods to innovative e-liquids. Although the vaping industry has really taken off to the point where people create their own e-liquids at home, it’s not recommended to put those mixtures out for the general public […]