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A Reputable Vaping Industry News Source – Spinfuel

If you are active in the vaping community, then you may find it hard to keep up with such a huge and growing industry. There are so many products to try, so many scientific studies to read and so many regulation changes that affect you directly as a consumer. How are you supposed to scour through the internet to find the best source of news? We like to go to one centralized, trusthworthy source, and that’s Spinfuel.

If you aren’t familiar with Spinfuel, they’re an e-magazine dedicated to providing their readers with the latest vaping trends and honest, in-depth product reviews. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things vaping. According to their website bio, here’s how they started:

“Spinfuel eMagazine was founded by our publisher, John Manzione. John has been a publisher of several online publications on the Internet since 1994.  John is dedicated to following the Mission Statement he helped shape by providing honest, in-depth reviews and opinion, and to assist in any way he can to strengthen the industry and to help steer new “Vapers” through the treacherous waters of this new marketplace.’”

Their articles focus on maintaining an unbiased ‘narrative’ style of writing, and they aim to deliver hard hitting truths with facts to back it up. The main reason why we trust in Spinfuel is because their staff is as passionate about the industry and educating the public, just as we are. Let’s go in depth on what Spinfuel has to offer their readers.

Complete Transparency

When reading about the vaping industry or product reviews, you want to be sure that what you’re reading is factual. Many sources come up with “facts” that have no proof or evidence to back it up. Spinfuel’s writing team is dedicated to fact checking and quoting their sources when possible, so you know that you can trust what you’re reading.

A lot of vape sites get paid for writing product reviews or when someone purchases a brand that they’ve recommended. When it comes to Spinfuel’s reviews, they provide full transparency on their opinion pieces and even disclaim on their site that they never participate in affiliate programs. In our opinion, that showcases Spinfuel’s integrity and allows us fully trust their insight.

Product Reviews

Spinfuel keeps up with the e-cig trends, and provides in depth reviews on the newest products in the market. They discuss the latest box mods, tube shaped vaporizers, batteries and more. Whether you’re an advanced vaper or new to the community, you’ll find solid opinions on anything that you’re interested in purchasing.

Aside from e-liquid reviews, they conduct thorough interviews with e-liquid companies. The interviews provide background information on each product that the company offers, and ends with a score based on the team’s review. They are incredibly thorough and are helpful to anyone who is looking to buy from a brand they’ve never tried before.

Current Industry News

Spinfuel writes multiple news blogs a day to cover every aspect of vape related news. Their articles cover everything from debunking health risks to the FDA regulations. Their writers have written so many topics that they have 420 pages’ worth of informational articles! You should take a minute to read through some of the ones that interest you. To stay informed and get the latest news from them, you can sign up for their newsletter on the homepage of their site.  If you want to be a vape expert then the more knowledge you have at your disposal, the better.

Educational Articles

Aside from articles and reviews that can help educate the public on vaping, Spinfuel also has a community forum, a guide for new vapers and a knowledge base tab. If you’re new to e-cigarettes, these pages will be extremely useful to you. Spinfuel even has a vape glossary if you are unfamiliar with commonly used terms. If you had any questions about battery usage or just the vaping basics, you can find information for that too. It is the perfect source for any beginners.

By now, you can probably tell that Spinfuel is chock full of information that appeals to all vapers. You can check out Spinfuel e-magazine here.



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