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A Reputable Vaping Industry News Source – Spinfuel

If you are active in the vaping community, then you may find it hard to keep up with such a huge and growing industry. There are so many products to try, so many scientific studies to read and so many regulation changes that affect you directly as a consumer. How are you supposed to scour through the internet to find the best source of news? We like to go to one centralized, trusthworthy source, and that’s Spinfuel.

If you aren’t familiar with Spinfuel, they’re an e-magazine dedicated to providing their readers with the latest vaping trends and honest, in-depth product reviews. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things vaping. According to their website bio, here’s how they started:

“Spinfuel eMagazine was founded by our publisher, John Manzione. John has been a publisher of several online publications on the Internet since 1994.  John is dedicated to following the Mission Statement he helped shape by providing honest, in-depth reviews and opinion, and to assist in any way he can to strengthen the industry and to help steer new “Vapers” through the treacherous waters of this new marketplace.’”

Their articles focus on maintaining an unbiased ‘narrative’ style of writing, and they aim to deliver hard hitting truths with facts to back it up. The main reason why we trust in Spinfuel is because their staff is as passionate about the industry and educating the public, just as we are. Let’s go in depth on what Spinfuel has to offer their readers.

Complete Transparency

When reading about the vaping industry or product reviews, you want to be sure that what you’re reading is factual. Many sources come up with “facts” that have no proof or evidence to back it up. Spinfuel’s writing team is dedicated to fact checking and quoting their sources when possible, so you know that you can trust what you’re reading.

A lot of vape sites get paid for writing product reviews or when someone purchases a brand that they’ve recommended. When it comes to Spinfuel’s reviews, they provide full transparency on their opinion pieces and even disclaim on their site that they never participate in affiliate programs. In our opinion, that showcases Spinfuel’s integrity and allows us fully trust their insight.

Product Reviews

Spinfuel keeps up with the e-cig trends, and provides in depth reviews on the newest products in the market. They discuss the latest box mods, tube shaped vaporizers, batteries and more. Whether you’re an advanced vaper or new to the community, you’ll find solid opinions on anything that you’re interested in purchasing.

Aside from e-liquid reviews, they conduct thorough interviews with e-liquid companies. The interviews provide background information on each product that the company offers, and ends with a score based on the team’s review. They are incredibly thorough and are helpful to anyone who is looking to buy from a brand they’ve never tried before.

Current Industry News

Spinfuel writes multiple news blogs a day to cover every aspect of vape related news. Their articles cover everything from debunking health risks to the FDA regulations. Their writers have written so many topics that they have 420 pages’ worth of informational articles! You should take a minute to read through some of the ones that interest you. To stay informed and get the latest news from them, you can sign up for their newsletter on the homepage of their site.  If you want to be a vape expert then the more knowledge you have at your disposal, the better.

Educational Articles

Aside from articles and reviews that can help educate the public on vaping, Spinfuel also has a community forum, a guide for new vapers and a knowledge base tab. If you’re new to e-cigarettes, these pages will be extremely useful to you. Spinfuel even has a vape glossary if you are unfamiliar with commonly used terms. If you had any questions about battery usage or just the vaping basics, you can find information for that too. It is the perfect source for any beginners.

By now, you can probably tell that Spinfuel is chock full of information that appeals to all vapers. You can check out Spinfuel e-magazine here.



Vaper’s Tongue: What is it and How to Fix it

If you are an avid vaper, then you’ve probably experienced a time when your e-liquid had lost its flavor intensity. Perhaps you’ve even hit a point where you can no longer taste the juice at all. Whatever you do, don’t panic! You are experiencing a very common side effect known as “vaper’s tongue” or “vaper’s fatigue”. Although it sounds scary, rest assured that your tongue is perfectly fine and the effects will eventually subside.

What is it?

Vaper’s tongue/fatigue is when you temporarily lose the ability to taste your e-liquid. Although it’s dubbed “vaper’s tongue,” the effects are actually connected to your sense of smell rather than your taste buds. Your olfactory sensors at the top of your nasal passage are what actually allow you to “taste” the e-liquid.

Basically, our tongues can taste four types of flavor: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Our tongue can tell that a pretzel is salty and a lime is sour, but it is your olfactory sensors that tell you the pretzel is a pretzel and the lime is a lime.

It should be stated that this is not the same as tobacco dulling your senses for the long-term. This effect should only last a few hours to a few days as your olfactory sensors are using this time to recuperate.

How’d I get it?

Vapor is dehydrating. You’ve probably experienced somewhat of a dry mouth after vaping a lot. The vapor sucks up the moisture in your mouth and creates a film that covers your tongue and olfactory sensors. Because of this, it impairs your ability to taste the e-liquid.

Another reason you may experience vapor’s tongue is by vaping the same flavor over and over again. You may have thought that it was like e-juice that was changing in flavor but in fact your mouth just got tired of it. Your olfactory senses became overloaded and desensitized, which decreased your ability to taste the flavor.

How do I fix it?

Vapor’s fatigue is not a permanent thing and can be fixed. The first step you’ll want to take is to hydrate yourself, especially when vaping. Dehydrating is mostly the reason you are experiencing vapor’s tongue to begin with. Drink a lot of water to eliminate dry mouth and the film over your olfactory sensors.

Another thing you should definitely do is rotate your e-liquids. It may be tough to ditch your all day vape, but changing it up will lessen the chance of vapor’s fatigue. Try to switch up the flavor profile completely and keep a rotation going that way you won’t overstimulate your senses with just one taste.

Waking up your pallet is another remedy. You can gargle with some minty mouthwash to keep your mouth fresh and hydrated. Some say that vaping a menthol e-liquid will wake up your senses and reduce the duration of vaper’s tongue. You could also try chewing on something sour or ginger flavored to shock your senses.

The last remedy we have for you is to go sniff some coffee grounds. It sounds weird, but if you’ve ever been perfume/cologne shopping then you’ve probably seen little containers of coffee beans lying around. That’s because coffee helps cleanse the olfactory receptors.

If you’re trying to combat vapor’s tongue and need to switch up your e-liquid options, check out some of our brands on Instagram. We have a variety of flavor profiles to choose from.

The Importance of E-Liquid Flavors

Former smokers are looking to get away from any and everything associated with cigarettes. Once they’ve fully switched to vaping, they most likely don’t want anything to do with traditional cigarettes, and that includes the taste. Vaping has become a lifestyle instead of just a way to quit smoking, and part of that is due to the thousands of e-liquid flavors available.


With so many companies in the industry, any flavor imaginable has been created or most likely will be invented soon. A lot of vapers want to try new ones for the sheer novelty. In addition, the delicious flavors are one of the reasons why they keep vaping. Whether it’s to stay off of smoking or simply because they enjoy this new activity, many vapers cite the variety of e-liquids as their favorite part of vaping.

Flavor Chasers

Vaping quickly turns into a hobby for a lot of people. It becomes less of a way to quit smoking and more of something to be interested in, especially with its strong offline and online communities, customizable devices, and more. There are also hobbyists who can be referred to as “flavor chasers.” They’re looking for the best techniques and equipment to give them the strong flavors they want to experience when they vape. These people often continue vaping to try the vast majority of e-liquids that are available and even collect the bottles. For many, the flavors are what keep them interested in vaping and make them reluctant to ever pick up smoking again.


When there are so many different flavors to try, why not take advantage of them? It’s only natural for vapers to be curious about all the e-liquid flavors that are out there. Whether you have a total sweet tooth or are looking for something more savory, you’ll be able to find the perfect e-liquid for you. Why go with the familiar, standard taste of tobacco when you could try something new and exciting?

Lack of Nicotine

As people switch from smoking to vaping, they tend to lower their nicotine dosage, sometimes all the way to zero milligrams. That’s because nicotine can affect the flavor of the e-liquids they vape. Over time, they place more of an emphasis on the assortment of flavors they can experience than the nicotine content. A wide variety of delicious e-liquids to choose from is a major factor in slowly getting former smokers off of nicotine.

The Future of E-Liquid Flavors

Along with the FDA’s regulations, there have been several other developments that may impact the range of available e-liquids. Most recently, a New Jersey bill that would ban the sale of e-liquid flavors other than tobacco, clove, and menthol has been gaining traction. Although there haven’t been any other states that have followed suit yet, this bill could be setting a precedent for e-liquid flavors in the future.

In short, the flavored e-liquids in the vaping industry make it possible to leave the nasty habit of smoking behind. Many former smokers become disgusted by the taste and smell of tobacco over time because they’ve grown so accustomed to how pleasant e-liquids are instead. Dynamic Creations is an e-liquid manufacturer that makes some of the highest quality products available in the industry. We’re able to fabricate any flavor and even remake any flavor with our reverse engineering capabilities.

What to Consider When Designing an E-Liquid Bottle

The design of your e-liquid’s packaging is just as important as the recipe itself. Not only does it need to have an attractive appearance, but it must also have a high quality container with essential features such as a childproof cap. Customers are naturally drawn to eye-catching e-liquid bottles. However, they’re looking for functionality too. Our guide below outlines what to keep in mind when picking out a bottle for your e-liquid.

Ease of Use

E-liquids need to go into vape tanks so they can be heated up and vaped. As a result, their bottles need to have an effective tool, such as a needle tip or a pipette, to place the liquid in these pieces of equipment. This is an intricate task and if the dropper doesn’t work well, it can easily result in spilt e-liquid. Customers won’t be purchasing your e-liquid again if they’re constantly spilling it due to a poor quality dropper.

Pick an Appropriate Size

Most e-liquids tend to be packaged in 15ml bottles. Although some flavors are available in 30ml, the 15ml size is more popular because vapers like to try a lot of different flavors instead of just sticking to one. They’re more likely to purchase smaller bottles, so they can try more e-liquids and rotate flavors around regularly. These bottles are also more portable for all day vapes.

Select a Suitable Material

Glass bottles, like the ones Dynamic Creations uses for all of our products, are one of the most popular options. Unlike plastic, glass won’t deteriorate or affect the taste of your e-liquid over time. This material also gives e-liquids a more refined look, which plastic cannot. Vapers appreciate the sturdy, heavy feel that these bottles have when they pick them up as well.

Color of the Bottle

You want to show your customers that you stand by the quality of your product. Making your bottle transparent is a clear demonstration of that, as it doesn’t hide anything about its contents from potentially interested customers. They can easily see what your e-liquid looks like and if it meets their expectations or not. However, tinted glass bottles can be a good idea as well because they offer UV protection.

Child Resistant Caps

Childproof caps on e-liquid products are a necessity in this industry. Vape products are intended for ex-smokers who are eighteen years of age or older, but unfortunately, sometimes children are able to tamper with the packaging. Nicotine can be potentially fatal if it comes into direct contact with human skin or ingested in liquid form. For these reasons and more, your e-liquid bottle needs to have a child resistant cap.

Good Craftsmanship

Nowadays, vapers are valuing quality over quantity more than ever before. They want amazing e-liquids with bottles that look great and won’t break on them. In addition, shopping for e-liquids is now somewhat comparable to purchasing craft beers or fine wines. Some vapers like building a collection of e-liquids and keeping the bottles after they’ve used them. When picking out new flavors, an attractive, durable bottle is a huge factor for these types of customers.

Choosing a manufacturer like Dynamic Creations can take all of these concerns off your plate. We use the highest quality ingredients for every one of our e-liquid lines, and we use that same dedication to exceptional quality in all of our glass containers. Plus, we have an entire team of experienced graphic designers to create logos and labels for our customers’ private label e-liquid lines.

6 Top E-Liquids for Summer

Summer’s just begun, but do you have e-liquids to complement the hot weather? Your favorite flavors from fall, winter, and even spring just won’t do on a beautiful summer’s day. We’ll take you through our top selections for your summer vacation, whether you’re lounging on a beach or taking refuge from the heat in cool air conditioning. Even it starts get cooler outside, you can vape one of these e-liquids to relive summer all over again.

This is the perfect season to try new tropical and fruity flavors. Luckily, we’ve composed a list of our top six e-liquid recommendations for summer.

1. The Bar – Cucumber Mojito

Cucumber-Mojito _0mg_REAR

Cucumber Mojito by The Bar is a refreshing mixture of mint, cucumber, and lime that will give you energy on even the hottest day. Although this e-liquid goes wonderfully with picnics and outdoor parties by the pool, you can also take your favorite summer drink with you just about anywhere.

2. Mr. Cannoli

Mr-Cannoli_3mg (2)

Reminiscent of the pastries you would buy at fairs and carnivals, the taste of Mr. Cannoli can really bring you back to some fun summer memories. This e-liquid lets you take in the sights and sounds of rides, games, and more as you vape on this delicious pastry with soft dough, sweet cream, powdered sugar, and a hint of chocolate.

3. Red Rum – Friday the 13th


Watermelon tends to be one of the most beloved fruits in the summer; it’s practically a picnic staple. This fruit joins ripe peaches and raspberries in this e-liquid for a sweet, pleasant experience that will take you back to summer camp.

4. Sqeez


There’s nothing like a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. Add in the taste of strawberry and you’re golden! Wherever you vape it, Sqeez is sure to give you the cool and sugary flavor of one of the most refreshing summer drinks.

5. Surf – Strawnana Tsunami


Very few flavors go together as well as strawberry and banana for a sweet sensation. To experience a splash of flavor, no matter how you’re enjoying the nice weather, Strawnana Tsunami is the way to go.

6. Tanged


If you love citrus, you don’t want to miss out on this perfect all day vape for summer. Carrying the flavor of a cool, orange citrus drink, Tanged can help you cool down when the sun’s rays are simply too much.

Any one of these flavors can make your summer simply unforgettable. Or, you can try all of them and have a vacation that’s filled with an amazing array of flavors. Whatever you choose, you’ll find that these e-liquids will always bring that extra dose of summer. Get in touch with Dynamic Creations to get our flavors in your shop for the season!

What Are the Advantages of High Quality E-Liquid?

As the vaping industry continues to grow, there’s an extra emphasis on quality and safe products. These range from new mods to innovative e-liquids. Although the vaping industry has really taken off to the point where people create their own e-liquids at home, it’s not recommended to put those mixtures out for the general public to purchase. If you’re running your very own vape shop, it’s important to keep this in mind. Excellent e-liquid, developed by an experienced manufacturer, is something that your business can only benefit from.

Better Nicotine

A company that invests more in producing a line loved by customers will often have higher quality nicotine. There are several different ways to test out just how good an e-liquid’s nicotine is. However, the easiest way is to see if it leaves a peppery aftertaste. This is a distinct feature of poor quality nicotine in e-liquids. Purchasing an e-liquid from a renowned manufacturer, though, will use nicotine that doesn’t carry a strange flavor.

Safe Ingredients

Although vaping is a safer alternative to smoking, there are some e-liquids out there that have questionable ingredients. Choosing an e-liquid made by a reputable manufacturer eliminates the possibility of inhaling these chemicals. When purchasing any product that will be going into your body, it’s important to protect both your health and the health of your customers by researching the ingredients. E-liquids are no exception.

A Smoother and Tastier Experience

A superior e-liquid will be much more enjoyable to vape than something on the lower end of the market. When your store has e-liquids with finely crafted flavors, giving your customers the feel and vapor clouds they love, you’ll see how much more popular they are than ones that are more abrasive or poorly mixed. Customers are looking to fully enjoy the experience of vaping their favorite flavors instead of purchasing e-liquids that may just be subpar.

No Contamination from Other Ingredients

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to take a sniff of certain e-liquids and discover traces of scents that aren’t part of the recipe. This is a telltale warning sign about the product. Although this mix-up could be caused by any number of factors, it’s obvious that the particular e-liquid has not been produced with sufficient quality control. An e-liquid made by a leading manufacturer won’t experience these types of issues. Instead, the formula will be exactly the same and true to the recipe in every single bottle.

Of course, taking one’s health into consideration should be the most important factor when purchasing any e-liquid. Customers today are on the search for e-liquids that meet their high standards for performance, ingredients, and more. They’re more invested in vaping some of the premium flavors, produced by manufacturers such as Dynamic Creations, than collecting them or trying some out just to keep up with the latest trends. Investing in a line that exceeds expectations will give you an advantage in this popular market.

7 Reasons Why You Should Have a Manufacturer Produce Your Next E-Liquid

Having your very own e-liquid line can give your vape shop an advantage that other retailers don’t have. The vaping industry is a competitive one and it’s crucial to stay relevant. Whether your shop is online or in a physical location, a personalized e-liquid line will give you an edge. However, trying to produce it yourself won’t deliver all the benefits you’re looking for. Selecting a manufacturer for your line is the best decision you can make for several different reasons.

1. Advanced Capabilities

A manufacturer is capable doing much more than if you made your e-liquid on your own. The company you choose will know all about the best blends of flavors and will be able to craft the concoction you’re seeking, resulting in an extraordinary product for your customers. In addition, a reputable e-liquid manufacturer can handle a staggering amount of orders, so you’ll never have to worry about your product being out of stock in your store. Leaving the production to a company also gives you more time to focus on your business, sales, and advertising.

2. Growing Industry

The vaping industry is always growing and new flavors are in demand across the country. Customers welcome innovative products and yours could be the next big thing. A manufacturer will be knowledgeable of recent flavor trends and what the hottest products are on the market right now, giving you guidance for your own line. This expertise will help set your flavor venture out onto a successful path.

3. House Brand Sets You Apart

If you’re facing local competition, you can give your shop the upper hand with your own personal brand formed by a quality manufacturer. Customers will not only love the taste, but it’ll also show them how passionate you are about e-liquids and vaping. Your line will be an extra personal touch that illustrates how deeply you care about your business. In addition, having a manufacturer in charge of your line will provide your customers with a high quality, local brand.

4. Cater to Customer Base

You see your customers every single day. Over time, you’ve had the chance to discover what types of flavors they like and what they hope to see. You can make their requests a reality with your very own e-liquid line. A quality manufacturer will be able to develop even the most complex flavors for you. In addition, selling a personal line in your store also gives you the opportunity to ask your customers for feedback, so you can improve your product or create a new one.

5. Consistency and Superior Quality

Depending on a manufacturer to work on your e-liquid will ensure that each and every bottle tastes exactly the same. This also eliminates the possibility of any kind of mistakes in new batches of your e-liquid. It’s not easy to create an exceptional line, so trust in professionals with years of experience to follow the same recipe for every single bottle. They’ll also use advanced methods to develop a recipe that includes just the right amount of each ingredient.

6. Branding is Taken Care of

Often times, a manufacturer will even be able to design and produce a label for you. The company should know what types of designs are popular in the industry, as well as what customers tend to gravitate towards. With professionals deciding on how your product will be branded, your line is sure to make a lasting impression on any customers that come across it. That’s because an attractive label is one of the first things that will draw customers in and make them want to learn more about your e-liquid line.

7. Cleaner Production Environment

Choosing a manufacturer ensures that the product will be fabricated to the highest standards and in a clean, safe environment. The laboratories used to craft e-liquids often follow standards similar to that of the culinary industry. In contrast, it can be difficult to set up the same kind of conditions in your own building. You might also not be able to find a spacious, sanitized room to designate as a work area.

When trying to make an impact on the local or even national vaping market, branding your own e-liquid for your shop is the way to go. Leaving the mixing, graphic design, and more to a manufacturer takes care of all the hardest work. You’ll be able to give your business your full attention while promoting a new line that represents a flavor that both your company and your customers love.