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A Reputable Vaping Industry News Source – Spinfuel

If you are active in the vaping community, then you may find it hard to keep up with such a huge and growing industry. There are so many products to try, so many scientific studies to read and so many regulation changes that affect you directly as a consumer. How are you supposed to scour through the internet to find the best source of news? We like to go to one centralized, trusthworthy source, and that’s Spinfuel.

If you aren’t familiar with Spinfuel, they’re an e-magazine dedicated to providing their readers with the latest vaping trends and honest, in-depth product reviews. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things vaping. According to their website bio, here’s how they started:

“Spinfuel eMagazine was founded by our publisher, John Manzione. John has been a publisher of several online publications on the Internet since 1994.  John is dedicated to following the Mission Statement he helped shape by providing honest, in-depth reviews and opinion, and to assist in any way he can to strengthen the industry and to help steer new “Vapers” through the treacherous waters of this new marketplace.’”

Their articles focus on maintaining an unbiased ‘narrative’ style of writing, and they aim to deliver hard hitting truths with facts to back it up. The main reason why we trust in Spinfuel is because their staff is as passionate about the industry and educating the public, just as we are. Let’s go in depth on what Spinfuel has to offer their readers.

Complete Transparency

When reading about the vaping industry or product reviews, you want to be sure that what you’re reading is factual. Many sources come up with “facts” that have no proof or evidence to back it up. Spinfuel’s writing team is dedicated to fact checking and quoting their sources when possible, so you know that you can trust what you’re reading.

A lot of vape sites get paid for writing product reviews or when someone purchases a brand that they’ve recommended. When it comes to Spinfuel’s reviews, they provide full transparency on their opinion pieces and even disclaim on their site that they never participate in affiliate programs. In our opinion, that showcases Spinfuel’s integrity and allows us fully trust their insight.

Product Reviews

Spinfuel keeps up with the e-cig trends, and provides in depth reviews on the newest products in the market. They discuss the latest box mods, tube shaped vaporizers, batteries and more. Whether you’re an advanced vaper or new to the community, you’ll find solid opinions on anything that you’re interested in purchasing.

Aside from e-liquid reviews, they conduct thorough interviews with e-liquid companies. The interviews provide background information on each product that the company offers, and ends with a score based on the team’s review. They are incredibly thorough and are helpful to anyone who is looking to buy from a brand they’ve never tried before.

Current Industry News

Spinfuel writes multiple news blogs a day to cover every aspect of vape related news. Their articles cover everything from debunking health risks to the FDA regulations. Their writers have written so many topics that they have 420 pages’ worth of informational articles! You should take a minute to read through some of the ones that interest you. To stay informed and get the latest news from them, you can sign up for their newsletter on the homepage of their site.  If you want to be a vape expert then the more knowledge you have at your disposal, the better.

Educational Articles

Aside from articles and reviews that can help educate the public on vaping, Spinfuel also has a community forum, a guide for new vapers and a knowledge base tab. If you’re new to e-cigarettes, these pages will be extremely useful to you. Spinfuel even has a vape glossary if you are unfamiliar with commonly used terms. If you had any questions about battery usage or just the vaping basics, you can find information for that too. It is the perfect source for any beginners.

By now, you can probably tell that Spinfuel is chock full of information that appeals to all vapers. You can check out Spinfuel e-magazine here.



Vaper’s Tongue: What is it and How to Fix it

If you are an avid vaper, then you’ve probably experienced a time when your e-liquid had lost its flavor intensity. Perhaps you’ve even hit a point where you can no longer taste the juice at all. Whatever you do, don’t panic! You are experiencing a very common side effect known as “vaper’s tongue” or “vaper’s fatigue”. Although it sounds scary, rest assured that your tongue is perfectly fine and the effects will eventually subside.

What is it?

Vaper’s tongue/fatigue is when you temporarily lose the ability to taste your e-liquid. Although it’s dubbed “vaper’s tongue,” the effects are actually connected to your sense of smell rather than your taste buds. Your olfactory sensors at the top of your nasal passage are what actually allow you to “taste” the e-liquid.

Basically, our tongues can taste four types of flavor: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Our tongue can tell that a pretzel is salty and a lime is sour, but it is your olfactory sensors that tell you the pretzel is a pretzel and the lime is a lime.

It should be stated that this is not the same as tobacco dulling your senses for the long-term. This effect should only last a few hours to a few days as your olfactory sensors are using this time to recuperate.

How’d I get it?

Vapor is dehydrating. You’ve probably experienced somewhat of a dry mouth after vaping a lot. The vapor sucks up the moisture in your mouth and creates a film that covers your tongue and olfactory sensors. Because of this, it impairs your ability to taste the e-liquid.

Another reason you may experience vapor’s tongue is by vaping the same flavor over and over again. You may have thought that it was like e-juice that was changing in flavor but in fact your mouth just got tired of it. Your olfactory senses became overloaded and desensitized, which decreased your ability to taste the flavor.

How do I fix it?

Vapor’s fatigue is not a permanent thing and can be fixed. The first step you’ll want to take is to hydrate yourself, especially when vaping. Dehydrating is mostly the reason you are experiencing vapor’s tongue to begin with. Drink a lot of water to eliminate dry mouth and the film over your olfactory sensors.

Another thing you should definitely do is rotate your e-liquids. It may be tough to ditch your all day vape, but changing it up will lessen the chance of vapor’s fatigue. Try to switch up the flavor profile completely and keep a rotation going that way you won’t overstimulate your senses with just one taste.

Waking up your pallet is another remedy. You can gargle with some minty mouthwash to keep your mouth fresh and hydrated. Some say that vaping a menthol e-liquid will wake up your senses and reduce the duration of vaper’s tongue. You could also try chewing on something sour or ginger flavored to shock your senses.

The last remedy we have for you is to go sniff some coffee grounds. It sounds weird, but if you’ve ever been perfume/cologne shopping then you’ve probably seen little containers of coffee beans lying around. That’s because coffee helps cleanse the olfactory receptors.

If you’re trying to combat vapor’s tongue and need to switch up your e-liquid options, check out some of our brands on Instagram. We have a variety of flavor profiles to choose from.

6 Common Misconceptions about Vaping

Sometimes it seems like there’s a lot of misinformation about vaping among those who don’t vape. While it’s not uncommon for these people to be concerned about the potential health risks of vaping, myths can be spread in the process. Unfortunately, these misconceptions can have an effect on the vaping industry and change how this great alternative to smoking is viewed by society. Read on to learn about six of the more common ones.

1. Vaping is as Dangerous as Smoking

Many people will be quick to say that vaping is just as harmful as smoking cigarettes. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, Public Health England recently conducted a study and discovered that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking. It also cited vaping as an effective method to actually quit smoking for good. People all over the world are switching to it so they can avoid the damage that cigarettes do to their bodies.

2. Secondhand Vapor is Hazardous

Like secondhand smoke, non-vapers have been wary of the effects of inhaling secondhand vapor, often claiming it’s unsafe to be around. Several studies have been completed on the effects of vapor emitted from e-cigarettes. In one that was conducted last year, it was found that indoor air and normal, exhaled breath had more volatile organic compounds than e-cigarette aerosol. The findings also illustrated that less toxic compounds were detected in the vapor compared with exhaled breath. Secondhand vapor is relatively harmless, especially in comparison to secondhand cigarette smoke.

3. Products are Unregulated

Before the FDA established its regulations on vaping, people cited vaping as unsafe because the products and practices weren’t regulated by the government. However, even before this change, the vaping industry generally regulated itself. Products have been restricted to adults who are eighteen and over, e-liquids containing nicotine are clearly labeled, and more. A growing number of companies are completely dedicated to delivering high quality products, crafted with safe ingredients, to their customers.

4. Products are Marketed to Children

On the contrary, stores and manufacturers do not want e-cigarettes and their accessories to end up in the hands of those who are underage. Before sales to minors were banned, many stores still refuse to sell these products without carding the individual to ensure that they’re eighteen or over. There are also claims that by producing sweet flavors based on candy and desserts, e-liquids are being advertised to children. However, the reality is that a large part of the vaping industry really is based around all the unique flavors, and many sweet ones just happen to be popular among adults.

5. Vaping will Lead to Cigarette Smoking

The vast majority of the vaping industry consists of former smokers who have successfully kicked their habit. Actually, vaping in general is built around trying to help people quit smoking. There are very few new vapers that weren’t former smokers. In addition, many people continue to vape because of all the new flavors to try and enjoy, as well as participating in the extensive local and online communities. Smoking traditional cigarettes doesn’t have the same feel or taste of vaping either. It also costs much more. Why would someone switch from the better alternative to the less desirable option?

6. E-Cigarettes are Unsafe to Operate

There have been tragic stories in the news regarding e-cigarette explosions, usually involving a teen using an advanced mod. As a result, people have labelled these products as hazardous, no matter how carefully they’re handled. The truth is, mechanical mods are designed for only experienced users that are of age. It’s only through misuse that they can potentially harm the vaper.

Spreading this false information will only negatively affect the progress than the vaping industry has made the past few years. We need to go out there and do what’s necessary to combat these lies, showing what a worthwhile, beneficial substitute vaping is to smoking cigarettes. Vaping continues to be one of the most effective ways to stop smoking cigarettes.

How to Avoid Problems with Your Batteries

One major concern with vaping recently has been disastrous battery explosions when using certain products, namely mechanical mods. These tend to incorporate lithium-ion batteries, which require a host of guidelines for proper battery safety. We’ve compiled a few rules to keep in mind before you plan to use a mechanical mod or another vaping product with lithium-ion batteries. Vaping can always be safe and enjoyable as long as you take good care of your equipment.

Be Mindful when Charging

It’s very easy to damage a battery and even potentially have it burst if it’s overcharged. Batteries should never be left charging overnight. Instead, they should be checked on in frequent intervals and unplugged as soon as they’re done charging. This may extend the life of your battery as well.

On the other hand, you don’t want your battery to be left with very little juice either. Keeping it uncharged, especially for a long period of time, can permanently damage it too. Ideally, you want to charge it before the low battery indicator light shows up on your mod.

Keep Battery Away from Other Objects with Metal

Direct contact between your battery and metallic items, like keys or loose change, could possibly result in an explosion. This can be seen in the several news stories throughout the years detailing battery explosions that have occurred in people’s pockets. There are plenty of cases out on the market now which can safely house your battery, preventing it from touching a metallic object and causing a dangerous fire.

Never Short Circuit Your Battery

Sub-ohm vaping is the best way to get those epic clouds you could be seeking. However, you need to make sure that your battery has a high enough amp level and won’t short circuit on you. The process of sub-ohm vaping actually comes very close to short circuiting the battery in order to get the desired results, which are more clouds and intense flavor. An explosion can occur if proper measures haven’t been taken.

Inspect the Condition of Your Battery

If there’s any kind of damage on your battery, such as a faulty wrapper, you should get a new one as soon as possible. Besides not being able to function properly, a damaged battery could very well result in an explosion. Don’t put your device, your health, or your home at risk by continuing to use a broken battery. It also needs to be properly recycled once it’s no longer usable.

Watch out for Unreasonable Heat

Having a mod that’s heating up isn’t a good sign. The battery’s temperature could be rising from being overworked. Continued use in this state may result in a possible explosion if the mod itself doesn’t have good ventilation. Any device that won’t cool down from a hot temperature over time has to be safely disposed of. Likewise, you want to make sure your mod won’t be used or stored in an area that can reach high temperatures, otherwise you could be dealing with a possible disaster.

Following all of these tips will leave you with a safer vaping experience whenever you use your mod. We highly recommend adhering to these rules before operating a device that uses lithium-ion batteries. These safety precautions will not only increase the lifespan of your mod, but protect you from harm too.

How Switching to Vaping Helps the Environment

When looking to quit smoking cigarettes, many users have decided to convert to vaping instead. Vaping provides the comfort of nicotine with any of the other dangerous ingredients found in cigarettes. It’s a healthy alternative that has been changing the lives of former smokers all over the country. In addition, many people have also preferred it over smoking because of the wide selection of flavors to choose from.

However, did you also know that the switch from cigarettes to vaping has also can also benefit the state of the environment? As it does every year, Earth Day brings a renewed awareness to protect the planet. Cigarettes don’t just contribute to pollution when they’re being smoked. Everything from the land the tobacco plant is being grown on to the public areas that are littered with cigarette butts are affected. With vaping, all of that is eliminated. Replacing cigarette smoking with vaping will contribute to both your health and the environment’s.

No Destructive Growing or Manufacturing Processes

Tobacco plants require a lot of care to thrive. In exchange, the surrounding land is infected with pesticides, which can eventually pollute the groundwater. Once the plant has grown, it’s sent off to a manufacturing plant where more toxic chemicals are let out into the atmosphere.

E-liquids have a more ecofriendly creation process. They’re produced by flavor engineers in clean, controlled laboratories using G.R.A.S. flavor additives. Leading manufacturers should also have a certified cleanroom and live up to some of the strictest standards in the industry. This is quite a difference from the hazardous way cigarettes are produced.

Cigarette Smoke vs. Vapor

It’s undeniable that cigarette smoke has a negative effect on the air around us. It contains toxins that not only have an impact on plant life and air quality, but also people. In fact, cigarette smoke is often cited as one of the most harmful types of air pollution. It actually causes ten times more air pollution than diesel car exhaust.

Meanwhile, vaping releases just that – vapor. Someone who vapes isn’t putting others or the environment at the risk of inhaling secondhand smoke. All they’re releasing into the air around them is water that has been converted into vapor. This vapor also doesn’t hold any of the unsafe chemicals and carcinogens that are found in cigarette smoke.

Less Littering

A number of smokers will throw their cigarette butts wherever is convenient for them, whether it’s in the grass in a park or on a city sidewalk. The worst thing about this habit is that cigarette butts aren’t biodegradable. Although they may break down after almost two years, they contain bits of plastic that are still present in the environment long after.

On the other hand, e-cigarettes produce far less waste. People who vape are able to get much more out of their products, in comparison to a pack of cigarettes, before they need to be disposed of. Some e-cigarette components, such as batteries and cartridges, are even recyclable. Because they’re reusable, these materials actively contribute to a better environment.

Together, all three of these reasons continue to make vaping a great alternative to smoking. Not only does vaping help people quit tobacco, but it’s less damaging to the world around us too. The switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes can clearly help reduce pollution, littering, and more.