How to Avoid Problems with Your Batteries

One major concern with vaping recently has been disastrous battery explosions when using certain products, namely mechanical mods. These tend to incorporate lithium-ion batteries, which require a host of guidelines for proper battery safety. We’ve compiled a few rules to keep in mind before you plan to use a mechanical mod or another vaping product with lithium-ion batteries. Vaping can always be safe and enjoyable as long as you take good care of your equipment.

Be Mindful when Charging

It’s very easy to damage a battery and even potentially have it burst if it’s overcharged. Batteries should never be left charging overnight. Instead, they should be checked on in frequent intervals and unplugged as soon as they’re done charging. This may extend the life of your battery as well.

On the other hand, you don’t want your battery to be left with very little juice either. Keeping it uncharged, especially for a long period of time, can permanently damage it too. Ideally, you want to charge it before the low battery indicator light shows up on your mod.

Keep Battery Away from Other Objects with Metal

Direct contact between your battery and metallic items, like keys or loose change, could possibly result in an explosion. This can be seen in the several news stories throughout the years detailing battery explosions that have occurred in people’s pockets. There are plenty of cases out on the market now which can safely house your battery, preventing it from touching a metallic object and causing a dangerous fire.

Never Short Circuit Your Battery

Sub-ohm vaping is the best way to get those epic clouds you could be seeking. However, you need to make sure that your battery has a high enough amp level and won’t short circuit on you. The process of sub-ohm vaping actually comes very close to short circuiting the battery in order to get the desired results, which are more clouds and intense flavor. An explosion can occur if proper measures haven’t been taken.

Inspect the Condition of Your Battery

If there’s any kind of damage on your battery, such as a faulty wrapper, you should get a new one as soon as possible. Besides not being able to function properly, a damaged battery could very well result in an explosion. Don’t put your device, your health, or your home at risk by continuing to use a broken battery. It also needs to be properly recycled once it’s no longer usable.

Watch out for Unreasonable Heat

Having a mod that’s heating up isn’t a good sign. The battery’s temperature could be rising from being overworked. Continued use in this state may result in a possible explosion if the mod itself doesn’t have good ventilation. Any device that won’t cool down from a hot temperature over time has to be safely disposed of. Likewise, you want to make sure your mod won’t be used or stored in an area that can reach high temperatures, otherwise you could be dealing with a possible disaster.

Following all of these tips will leave you with a safer vaping experience whenever you use your mod. We highly recommend adhering to these rules before operating a device that uses lithium-ion batteries. These safety precautions will not only increase the lifespan of your mod, but protect you from harm too.

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