Superior CBD Private Label Manufacturing


Pure CBD Oil

We offer a variety of private label cannabidiol (CBD) options for all of your customers herbal and vitamin needs. Our chemists use the highest quality ingredients to create custom CBD oil concentrates, CBD capsules, vape oil and edibles. We formulate our products with a proprietary blend, with zero nicotine and virtually no THC, which can be flavored if vaped or ingested, and scented if used as a concentrate. With a range of modifications options, we make the private labeling process as unique and customizable as possible.

Client-focused Manufacturing

Part of our production process is creating a product that is unique and fits your specific needs and that of your customers. We collaborate with our clients throughout the development process, providing our feedback when appropriate, ensuring your vision is achieved better than imagined.  Your CBD oil can be flavored in any way you choose. If you have a specific CBD oil already created, our skilled chemists can perform reverse engineering to re-create the product with higher quality ingredients. Our team can produce over 20,000 bottles a day.

Uniquely Refined Oil Blends for Private Label

Our clients have the option of choosing between our proprietary CBD oil blends or a selection of ingredients to custom formulate their own product. All of our ingredients are tested for quality, potency and safety. Our 100% quality satisfaction guarantee ensures that you can place your trust in our products. Inquire for more information about our proprietary CBD extraction process.

Custom Label and Package Design

Give your private label line a visual appeal that will sell-through by working with our graphic designers to custom design your label. Our professional in-house design team has delivered thousands of labels for brands nationwide, and have rich experience in the flourishing CBD market. They’ll work directly with you to create an eye-catching label that speaks to the hearts and minds of CBD consumers while also fully reflecting your vision. After your label has been created and approved, you can choose from a variety of bottling and packaging options to complete your new product line.

Warehousing and Fulfillment

Our warehouse can handle massive order quantities. You’ll receive quick turnaround times, affordable shipping prices and reliable customer service. It’s our goal to meet the needs of you and your customers. We also provide detailed reporting, shipping/receiving documentation, and quality assurance on your private label line to ensure that your customers are satisfied.

Quality Standard Checks

Dynamic Creations ensures products are consistently meeting quality standards by following best manufacturing practices. CBD oil production is carried out in a certified clean room with state of the art technology and safety equipment. All products are double inspected to be contaminant free and to confirm that they have reached our quality standards.

We’ve developed over 100 private label CBD brands for clients worldwide.

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